Sep 30, 2003
runaway runaway runaway

i am not being a slave to this blog.

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Sep 25, 2003
cheese. cheese. more cheese.

shall stop talking about school for once.

Kenny Yap of Qian Hu Corp gave a interesting talk in NP today. it is nice to see him openly critising the goverment and thier policies, something you won't see the vast majority of singaporeans doing.

balance. it is as simple as that.

so if our education system is so in flexible and creativity-less, should we quit school before we get transformed into money making tools?

90% of the money you make comes from only 10% of the effort you put in, something i read about in one of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series.

top qualifications will only make you a top employee, but its the employer that makes all the money.

so why study so hard now? just sit back, enjoy a slice of pizza while slurping at a root beer and employ some 'dude' to bring in the bucks for you.


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Sep 23, 2003
before nightfalls

it has been a long time since i got home before dusk.

how do you make gassy drinks? blow bubbles into plain water. -_____-

today is good, lesson was fine.

was the cell biology lecture boring or was i just too tired? fell alseep during the lecture.

chemistry lecture was great, there is just something about the lecturer!

was informed that there will be a talk by Qian Hu Corp's boss, watched his interview on CNA previously. hope to learn something from him tomorrow.

wanted to send hui home but she other company, i'm not upset about it. i think i've been too sticky, gotta give her some space and time of her own.

oh ya, i've tried the meiji yoghurt, nice.

just a little something to brighten up ya day, i'm sure you can race better then him


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The beginning

My first entry in yet another 'new' blog which is actually the 324535634th time i've tried to start blogging :P

This is supposed to be a journal kinda entry isn't it? okkkk lets get started.

was late for school today, not for long though! doesn't really matter anyway, ITA is boring/useless/incorrigible/waste of time/pointless/waste of money/waste of precious sleeping time and the list goes on, ok i'll stop ranting.

chem practical next, hate it. the lab has a certain smell which turns me off, even if it doesn't the lecturer incharge will shut me off with her pathetic jokes and act cuteness.  ok fine! i'll stop ranting again!

stayed back after chem to do some project work and ITP.

at canteen 1 hui complaint  of a stomach upset, i did't belive her initially, thought she was trying to skip her CCA. sorry hui :( wasn't thoughtful enough. sent her home, went home myself where i'm writing this from.

ok i know i don't sound like a seasoned blogger, i'll improve on it! don't worry.


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