Entry: cheese. cheese. more cheese. Sep 25, 2003

shall stop talking about school for once.

Kenny Yap of Qian Hu Corp gave a interesting talk in NP today. it is nice to see him openly critising the goverment and thier policies, something you won't see the vast majority of singaporeans doing.

balance. it is as simple as that.

so if our education system is so in flexible and creativity-less, should we quit school before we get transformed into money making tools?

90% of the money you make comes from only 10% of the effort you put in, something i read about in one of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Series.

top qualifications will only make you a top employee, but its the employer that makes all the money.

so why study so hard now? just sit back, enjoy a slice of pizza while slurping at a root beer and employ some 'dude' to bring in the bucks for you.



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